Eagleridge HOA Board News

Eagle Ridge 2014 Board positions:

* President:  Ohr Shachar

* Vice President: Marta Wladyczka

* Secretary: Winsome LeBlanc

* Treasurer: Zakaria Lagdim

* Director-at-large:  Richard Walpow

Jorge Garcia - our new Community Association Manager, appointed by Sentry Management Inc,


352-243-4595 ext 209

352-243-4597 (fax)

1645 E Hwy 50 Suite 201

Clermont FL 34711



# The HOA Board has approved

a community 'COLOR PALLET BOOK'

for: Houses, Trims, Driveways, and Wood-fences.

Homeowners who need to paint their home/exterior must choose the color from this book.

* The color selection book exist in three copies at:

Sentry Management, Sherwin-Williams Store,

and Community Board.


# Due to falloff in compliance with the Eagleridge HOA governing rules regarding homeowners responsibility to maintain their property, Sentry Management is starting a new, more considered approach in applying rules. Violations will be pursued, owners who have failed to upkeep their property have been issued violation letters.

*Any response to the 'Restrictive Covenants' violation letters, must be submitted in writing to Sentry Management


# ARB - Architectural Review Board requirement.

Every exterior change to ones property

(House or Landscape) must be reviewed and approved

by the ARB committee. The homeowner must submit an application. (Please review the 'Rules' page on community website, regarding Restrictive Covenants Rules)

Special pressure wash deal,

for Eagleridge residents

provided by "Sparkle ‘n’ Shine"

Pressure wash price list for:

house/driveway/sidewalk/road carve(swell):

# Driveway, Sidewalk and the Swell: $35

($45 for corner lots)

# Full House pressure washing: $65

# pressure washing : the house / driveway / sidewalk / swells : $95 (corner lots $105)

352 205 3348

See mor info--Services page


Eagleridge Homeowners please sign up to receive emails of Association business.

In order to accomplish this we need you

to log onto: www.sentrymgt.com

and sign up. Sentry has the capability to produce emails Blasts that would go out to all homeowners concerning, Community information, etc. This capability will greatly impact the copy cost of the Association in a positive way.


Words vs. Work

One should remember that the Board is a body of volunteers only, not a professional management. The Board of volunteers is equipped only with good will, positive intention and diligence. The fact that the State law allows every community to elect an individual without any specific professional requirements to act as a Board Member speaks for itself – is allows flexibility in the running of the community, as long as the physical outcome is kept within the framework of By-laws.

The legality and finance is overseen by the professional, Sentry management company, which acts to prevent an amateur or unintentional mistakes of the Board from happening. Sentry is the one that issues checks, approves contractors Insurance Credential, communicate with lawyers on our behalf, and more...

So in the case of the improvement in the community, it is not the professional terms or expressions that really make the difference, but the right decisions and effort of the HOA Board members.


On behalf of Eagleridge community we would like to thank:

Seth Lynch, from Lake County Board of County Commissioners,

Department of Public Works

Engineering Division.

And all those who were involved in the improvement of our community. The whole process was handled in utmost professional and courteous manner with high quality achievements.

Creepy Tree

Homeowner: If you need your code to enter the swimming pool area, or a copy of the bathroom key, please Email us and be sure to include your name, address and phone number.

Thanks Ohr

Community Telephone Number, for Urgent Matters only:

407- 488 3068

The Postal Service (USPS) has requested that residents keep the mailbox area free and clear of vehicle or obstructions. This will enable efficient delivery service.

Message from the Board:


The next

Eagleridge HOA

Board Meeting:

March 23th, 2015,

7pm at:

Sentry Management office

1645 E Hwy 50, Suite 201,

Clermont FL 34711